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“We are starlight, we are golden” February 17, 2009

Here we go again a veritable trivia roller coaster for your personal delight (I feel much better after that awful bout of verbal diarrhea!) So today being the 17th February the year of our lord 2009. Actually as an atheist how should I refer to the year? Incidentally I used to consider myself an agnostic, but a former boss of mine said “an agnostic is just an atheist with no balls” so I decided I rather be an atheist than a eunuch agnostic!

There are a couple of birthdays to celebrate today, firstly the late great (here they come again those confounded l & g’s) Tommy Edwards. Tommy was born in 1922 and so would have been 87 today. Unfortunately he died aged 47 in 1968. He is probably best remembered for his rather excellent version of the classic love song “It’s All In The Game” which has also been covered by everyone from Sir Cliff Richard (he certainly didn’t have the same agnostic vs atheist dilemma that I did I’m sure!) to the Four Tops. My favourite version is definitely by the Tops followed closely by Mr Edwards. Tommy Edwards version was a UK and US number 1 in 1958, pre me even! The Four Tops reached number 5 in the UK and 23 in the US with the song in 1970.Click on their name to see them singing it live in what appears to be a hospital. The song was co-written by a US Vice President, Charles Daws who wrote a piece of music in 1911 called “Melody In A Major”, Carl Sigman added the lyrics to the piece in 1951. Mr Daws went on to become VP under Calvin Coolidge. It is so far the only number one song to have been written or co-written by a US Vice President. I can’t imagine Cheney or Biden ever doing the same somehow.

The late great Tommy Edwards

The late great Tommy Edwards

The mostly late but always great Four Tops

The mostly late but always great Four Tops

The second and final birthday today is that of Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, who is 37 today. I saw Green Day live at the Milton Keynes Bowl in 2005 they were bloody good! As his hair is often died some of you may not know that he is in fact a redhead, just like my son Luke, who coincidentally also plays guitar and sings in a band! They’re called Steal The Smile. OK this bit is yet another blatant plug, but check them out on myspace and tell me what you think of them. www.myspace.com/stealthesmile This is Steal The Smile at the Face Bar in Reading last year with a cover of Pendulum’s “Blood Sugar” And lest we forget whose birthday it is, Billie Joe, remember? Here are Green Day with the superb “Basket Case

Billie Joe on stage in 2005

Billie Joe on stage in 2005

On this day in 1970 Joni Mitchell announced her ‘retirement’ from live performance during a show at the Royal Albert Hall in London (what a great venue that is!) She was on stage again by the end of the year. She’s not the first or last to ‘retire’ either; Frank Sinatra did it a few times, Bowie retired in 1973 (well technically he retired the Ziggy character. Robbie seems to have retired, well I live in hope at least. (There we go a Bowie reference and a Robbie dig in the same sentence) Joni’s real name is Roberta Joan Anderson and in 2003 Rolling Stone magazine (my favourite US publication!) named her the 72nd greatest guitarist of all time; she was the highest-ranked woman on the list. Which women guitarists should have been higher? What do you think? One of Joni’s biggest hits was the wonderful “Big Yellow Taxi” She also wrote one of my favourite songs, “Woodstock” which was about Woodstock, I bet you never saw that coming did you? That song was a big hit for Ian Matthews with his band Matthews Southern Comfort. I should point out that Joni is not a Canadian relative of Peggy, Phil and Grant Mitchell

Joni waiting for a taxi, a big yellow one!

Joni waiting for a taxi, a big yellow one!

On this day in 1972 Pink Floyd started a 3 night run at the Rainbow Theatre in London, tickets wee just £1 each, but that was a lot of money then, but probably not to bankers! An early incarnation of the Floyd was known as the Tea Set and when they found themselves on the same bill as another band with the same name, Syd Barrett came up with the alternative name The Pink Floyd Sound, after two blues musicians, Pink Anderson (no relation to Joni Mitchell) and Floyd Council whose names he’d seen on the notes of a Blind Boy Fuller album

"What a bummer" thought William when he checked his Pink Floyd collection

"What a bummer" thought William when he checked his Pink Floyd collection

Ok that’s it for today apart from two things. Firstly I intend to start an occasional series soon where I’ll work alphabetically through some of my favourite artists and include at least one of their songs and some interesting (but you’ll be the judges of that of course) trivia. I’ll be starting with the letter ‘A’ soon, any guesses who it might be? And lastly following on from an earlier post about the Clash, who had a song called “Janie Jones” I have had a request for some information about Ms Jones and that will follow later this week, but I can confirm that she wasn’t just a character in a Clash song, she was indeed a real person!

Bye for now peeps 🙂


12 Responses to ““We are starlight, we are golden””

  1. Wow! Keep up the good work boyfriend!

  2. jeff K Says:

    How sideways to come to your blog scouting for Floyd images and finding someone who actually knows who Matthews Southern Comfort was. Their version of Woodstock was far superior to Mitchell’s or CSN&Y’s. followed Iain’s career ever since, a truly gifted vocalist.
    I agree with your comment about the dearth of women on the Rolling Stone list. No mention of Emmylou Harris or Chryssie Hynde. But what do you expect from the people who didn’t include Rory Gallagher?

    • justwilliam1959 Says:


      I’m glad you found my blog. Bizarrely enough many people find it while searching for the Floyd, and also Kate Bush, Lilly Allen and much more recently the Jackson 5 (I think we know why that is!)

      I can’t say I’m a massive Ian Matthews fan, although I do have a couple of his albums. I love his song “Shake It”
      Yeah no Rory on the list, but the list was compiled by Americans! ‘Nuff said!

      Anyway, I tend to post about 4 or 5 times a month these days, so it’d be great to have you as a regular



  3. erik Says:

    man i wsh they were turned around.

  4. Mostafa Iran Says:

    Are you pornograph?

    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      I can only assume that you mean I am a bastard, in which case you have added a few too many stars. Also the use of ‘your’ is incorrect, it should be you’re, as an abbreviation of ‘you are’. Unless of course you meant the possesive ‘your’, but then that isn’t correct either as I don’t own a bastard. I am sure my parents will vouch for the fact that I am not a bastard in the true meaning of the word. However you are entitled to your opinion and as such I was a little disappointed that you chose not to reveal your name. But thank you for coming to my blog anyway, to you I may be a bastard but you have still boosted the hits to my blog by one! 😉

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